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Feb. 7th, 2010

[Private to Adults Weasley/Potter Family]
I just heard about Hugo.

Is there any way that I can help?

It all just doesn't make any sense anymore.
New week, new start. And I am drowning in work... whyever did I start to study?

Maybe I should stop, and find a proper job somewhere. Would be definitely a lot more fullfilling.

[Private to Renata]
I think we should have a small talk.

I want to set something straight.

Life and neither I are perfect, and never have I wanted to attempt to be that. I know that some people probably won't believe me, but I am sorry for how things have ended, but I am not the one who stays in a relationship because it's right and supposed to be, but because I love that person. I am not going to look through pink coloured glasses and pretend that everything is alright when it isn't.

I didn't want to hurt a person I very much care for. So I decided that this was for the best for now.

I need time and space for myself, as I can't continue to explain myself, having to hear how horrible I am for doing this. Just because I did it, doesn't mean it was easy for me.

I think that was all for now...
I am too tired to edit my last entry...

Vic and I broke up...

Seriously this weekend could just be getting worst.
[Private: Friends & Family]
I just caught a glimpse of the Daily Prophet before heading back to bed. I was only up because there was that persistent owl clicking against the window. Stupid Ministry. Due to the incident, they are calling in for check ups.

And of course this was the night where I actually wasn't at home.

Ohh well. It could be worst.
Damn this has been a long week so far... Hermione I am sorry, I know I still owe you a lunch, when do you want to meet?

Also I'll be at Hogwarts during the weekend. It's been a while since I've been inside the castle walls.

Nov. 8th, 2009

Vic is staying here for the weekend. The best idea ever.

So how's everyone doing?
Whoever said studying at University was easy has got to be kidding me....

How's everyone? Anything I missed out on during the last days?

Oct. 8th, 2009

Your LJ Username: little_werewolf
Your Name: Moony
Your Age: 23
Your AIM screenname: moonygarou
Previous RP experience: For some years now, mostly as Remus Lupin and Harry Potter.
Location (Time Zone): GMT +2 at the moment ^^
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