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Oct. 8th, 2009

Your LJ Username: little_werewolf
Your Name: Moony
Your Age: 23
Your AIM screenname: moonygarou
Previous RP experience: For some years now, mostly as Remus Lupin and Harry Potter.
Location (Time Zone): GMT +2 at the moment ^^

Character Desired: Ted ‘Teddy’ Remus Lupin
Character LJ Username: teddy_moon
Nicknames: Teddy ^^
Age: 21, 25th April 1998
Alumni/House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Ebony, Rosewood, 15 ½ inches
Blood Status: halfblood
Sexual Preference: bisexual
Description, including PB: Teddy has inherited his father’s brown hair (that he tends to keep short) and height, looking much like him when he was younger. Due to the wolfsbane potion being available he has a much healthier look than his father used to have. PB: Jesse Spencer
Personality: When there is something that Teddy had inherited from his mother then it was Tonks’ rebellious nature. Even if he was a rather studious person, he did enjoy spending his time having fun and not always following the rules. He’s a rather outgoing person, and loves being with people. He of course also has his quiet moments, especially around the full moon, but they never last too long. The only times when he kind of looses it is when it has to do with werewolf rights. After hearing about his father’s life, he has put it himself as a task to fight for better rights, which includes joining demonstrations and landing more than once at the Ministry for not following the rules.
Personal History: Teddy was born on the 25th April 1998 and lost his parents only a few days later in the final battle. Andromeda immediately started to take care of him, and it came to her more than as a surprise that Teddy didn’t seem to have inherited his mother’s capabilities but rather his father’s lycanthropy. However Teddy never had had a problem with his Lycanthropy, instead trying to use it as much as possible to his advantage. Of course the use of the potion helped him a lot as well. Teddy had always been a mischievous child and too much like his father for Andromeda’s liking. It was kind of a relief for both when Teddy started going to Hogwarts, staying there even during his holidays unless he went to visit Ginny or Harry.
The older he grew the more differences was he having with his grandmother, which lead Teddy only to be more rebellious. While he was studying hard at school, playing in the Quidditch house team, he never tried to follow any of the rules that Andromeda put up for him. So instead of having supposed to learn languages during the summer, Teddy went to Quidditch camps or escaped to stay with Harry or his friends. He never showed much interest for any family gatherings, preferring to stay at home and learn the violin, one of the only moments where Teddy would be calm and quiet.
His life calmed down a little as he suddenly noticed Victoire Weasley. Teddy had thought he would never really settle down and spend his time from one place to another, never feeling like he could stay long at one place. When Victoire however started growing up, Teddy was suddenly turning to have feelings for her, finally managing to find the nerve one day and tell her so. They’ve been together ever since, and Teddy couldn’t remember a time when he was ever happier.
Ever since he had left Hogwarts, he found himself a small flat in London and started working in a coffee shop in muggle London. He ignored any kind of rules the Ministry tried to push upon him and instead tried to find ways to go against him, forming a small group of other younger werewolves and all of them working together against them. Last year he has finally started to try and do something with his life, having started to study psychology at Muggle University.

SAMPLE POST (300-500 words, third person, past tense):
Teddy knew he was doomed, and right now he wanted nothing more than to hide in his flat and never come out again. The Ministry had once more caught him and some others during a demonstration, and now was sitting the Magical creatures department waiting for Harry to pick him up. He sometimes wondered how Harry still put up with him, after all Andromeda had luckily given up some time ago. Harry had never given him any boundaries that he had to keep, but he guessed today he might not get away that easily today.
“Ted Lupin?” the woman behind the desk in front of him asked, and Teddy raised an eyebrow at her as if asking if it was really still necessary to ask for his name.
“Amanda right?” Teddy asked with a small grin. He knew her only too well, whenever he did something wrong he would end up with her. She was already an elderly woman, and seemed to be rather the firm kind of person but Teddy always tried to charm his way through her. “It’s Teddy, Ted sounds so plain,” he continued with a small chuckle.
“Mr Lupin, if you don’t finally follow our rules…” she didn’t get very far as Teddy could already hear his godfather coming close, and Teddy looked up at him with a small grin as he came closer, his grin widening as he saw Harry grinning back at him in return before trying to look firm. “I apologize, this will have to wait for another day,” he said and moved to get up from his chair simply ready to get out of here. He looked once more up at Harry and felt his grin leaving him for a minute, and guessed that he was really in for it this time as he saw Harry’s concerned expression for a moment.
“What about coming over for dinner tonight Teddy?” Harry asked as he led Teddy in the direction of the Auror department. Teddy nodded slightly in agreement and followed Harry quietly, not really sure if he should be looking forward to see Ginny or not, that woman could turn rather creepy when she was angry at someone.


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